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thsfuhqinsux's Journal

Welcome to the most boring LJ on the net!
If you have followed a link here from the Monkslash community and want to read my fan fiction or see my fan art, you probably already know that it’s friends locked. I friends locked it because I am a paranoid bitch and there were quite a few voyeurs on the Monkslash list, people who were listed as members, but who had empty Ljs. And it creeped me the hell out, because I recognized one of the names on one of these ‘dummy’ blogs as someone who is prone to being nasty and self righteous, and also because of a certain pro writer who hates fan fiction, especially slash, and isn’t shy about saying so on his blog, even mentioning fan fic writers by name in his blog and mocking fan stories. I don’t want strangers or asshats having access to my stories or art. If you want me to friend you, you have to be a friend, or at least an acquaintance, or a real member of the community. If you want to be added to my friends list, you must meet at least some of the criteria listed below:

1. You must have some user info (bio, web page, or something that gives you a presence)
2. Mutual friends, people you have added to your friends list and that have added you to their’s in return
3. Interests
4. Be a member of communities other than Monkfans and Monkslash
5. Actual posts in your LJ
6. If you have none of the above, it will go a long way in your favor if you have your presence known on the Monkslash community by way of leaving comments or feedback there.
7. If nothing else, if you are willing to contact me and tell me a bit about yourself, I will consider friending you, but to be honest, it makes the decision a whole lot easier for me if you just build at least a small web presence by speaking up on Monkslash, or making your lj look less suspicious by getting a few mutual friends, writing a quick bio, or making a few posts. I’m not going to friend anyone who is unwilling to be a friend or is only interested in being a voyeur. ETA: Seriously, if you don't have anything in your lj and I don't recognize your name from at least comments on Monkslash I am not going to friend you. I will not friend strangers just because they ask me to.

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